Sell Your Old, Rate & Antique Books

Sell Your Old, Rate & Antique Books

We are always interested in buying books; single items or collections. We are particularly interested in large (deceased estates) or small quantities of rare or interesting used books.

We always pay a fair price. Please bring your books for valuation at our shop on a Saturday morning or call us to make an appointment outside of these times. We can also arrange a home visit to value your book collection if is too large to bring into our shop. (Typically within a 15 mile radius of Yatton only).

    Book Valuation Service Terms and Conditions

    1. All books left for valuation with Yatton Books and Prints are left at the express wish of the vendor.
    2. Yatton Books and Prints accepts no responsibility for theft, loss or damage to the books whilst in our charge.
    3. Yatton Books and Prints will provide a receipt to the vendor for all books left for valuation. This receipt must be produced as proof of ownership upon return to the bookshop when accepting any offer of payment from Yatton Books and Prints, or for return of any books.
    4. Once the vendor's books have been valued and an offer to purchase books is rejected, then the vendor is required to collect their books within 3 weeks of the initial contact from Yatton Books and Prints. Any books not collected after the 3 week period will be disposed of.
    5. Books valued at over £35 will be paid for by cheque unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement between the vendor and Yatton Books and Prints.

    Do you have any questions?

    If you have any questions about how we can help, get in touch and let us know how we can help.